New Vision Aerials

Miles North

UAV Pilot

Miles has been flying RC for well over a decade with experience in many different aircraft.  His knowledge and abilities are a great asset to the team.  Miles has also recently completed his ground school for his private pilots license

Joel Fidler

Editor, Ground officer


Joel loves to edit video till the cows come home even away from work.  He also loves long walks along English bay with his wife Teal and slamming back  711 long johns

Company Profile

The Team

Kyle Hammerquist

Founder/UAV pilot


Kyle has been flying model aircraft for over ten year and always had a passion for photography.  He decided it was time to bring his two passions together to create New Vision Aerials.  He has completed his UAV ground school 

Vancouver based aerial photography and cinematopgraghy


 At New Vision Aerials, we understand the limitations that arise with traditional photography and cinematography.  We make the impossible shots possible with the use of UAV's or "drones".  Places you couldn't get to and things you weren't able to see.  Wether its making your real estate listing pop, getting the sickest action shot, or an indie film maker that wants to add a few aerials to their project. We tailor each shoot to exactly what our customers envisioned.  We carry Liability insurance and follow transport Canada guidelines during all flight operations to maintain a safe flight record.  Let us help you bring your New Vision to life. 

Say hello to the New Vision!

New Vision Aerials


Founded: 2013

Owner: Kyle Hammerquist



Areas of expertise: Real estate, Landscape, filmmaking, Survey, Low level Aerial Photography/Cinematography

Sarah Gibbard

Location Scout, Assistant operator, Ground Control


Sarah has been with us from the start.  She deals with the clients first hand and helps them realize their vision while scouting the locations.  when she's not at work she is usually running along the seawall somewhere with her Vizsla, hiking a mountain or doing Yoga