Real Estate

Real Estate Packages range between $100-$300

  • $100 Still Photographs of property and the house
  • $200-$300 Still Photographs, and Video, edited to maximize the listings potential

We offer affordable options for all budgets, big or small. But, because every project is different we don't really have a set price.  It depends on equipment requirements, post production requirements and other factors.   


New Vision Aerials

Are you doing something epic and want to capture the moment from an aerial view?  Or Maybe you are selling your car and want a cool video for the ad.  We can help you with that.  We are constantly finding new was to Showcase products, events or just the beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Action Sports - Events - Vehicle Showcase

Are you looking to give your real estate listing that extra something?  Or maybe you want to showcase a large outdoor project that your company just completed.  We have helped companies showcase their work in so many ways.  Building projects, landscaping, even surveying crops.  

Real Estate - Architecture - Landscape - 

With the use of handheld stabilized camera gimbals and drones we are able to offer a variety of photography and smooth, steady video services for our clients in Greater Vancouver as well as around British Columbia.  Showcasing cars, real estate, architecture, action sports, and so much more.  Our clients keep bringing us new ideas and new visions made possible by multirotor drones and gimbal technology.   We pride ourselves on our safety record.  Our clients and their properties safety is always the most important thing to us.  We follow Transport Canada guidelines and carry liability insurance.  

Contact us now and let us help bring your New Vision to life.



Vehicle Showcase

$100 and up

  • We can shoot you car, truck, or motorcycle from all angles and heights.  Some clients are selling their vehicles where others just want to have a cool video of the car in action.  It is a fun and affordable way to showoff you ride for whatever reason you may have